We noticed the dog was getting a little too hyper yesterday so we knew it was time to go to the dog park! Plus the dog needed a little social interaction with other dogs. It's a big plus that we can bring the kid and wear out both the dog and kid by dinner time! The one thing my dog Kita loves to do is run after all the dogs that are leaving. I think it is her way of saying "don't leave, stay and play"! So she runs full speed towards the gate when she sees people headed that way. She is just a puppy still so she has energy for days. Well some of the folks at the park are pretty old and don't want to deal with a puppy hyping up their dog as they are getting ready to leave! So I figured out a way to keep the dog still while people are trying to leave!

It's called, "The Toddler Dog Park", at the dog park! I just tell my step daughter Makynzie to park herself on the dog for a minute. Kita loves her so mush that kid could do anything to her and she would let her. So I felt it necessary to snap a pic or 2, for cuteness purposes!