Fun facts to learn about beer before you head out to Ribfest 2016 to celebrate 

Photo By: BristolDen/ThinkStock

-14% of people say their father introduced them to beer - Not Your Father's Root Beer

- A survey by reveals that beer goggles DO exist. 67% of beer goggle wearers never see their hookup after their original encounter
- 13% of people have dropped their phone in beer while watching a sporting event -SquareTrade
- 17% of men would give up beer for a full head of hair. - Jamie Stevens

- A study by the University of Illinois at Chicago reveals that drinking beer could help prevent breast cancer in women. The study shows that hops may activate chemicals that prevent tumors from developing. One of the ingredients in hops increases the rate of estrogen metabolism.  Researcher Judy Bolton tells the paper: “We need to further explore this possibility, but our results suggest that 6-PN could have anti-cancer effects.”

Beer = Better Memory.  A study by Oregon State University reveals that beer can improve your memory because of a compound found in hops called xanthohumol. - Tech Times

Photo By: kazoka30/ThinkStock