Moving back to Kalamazoo has been a thrill! Filled with new friendships, new job duties and a past. Not many people are lucky enough to go back to where they started, but I suppose I am. The halls of WKFR are filled with memories of people and events of long ago, they all make me smile.

While with moving there is unpacking to be done, and in my venture to make my apartment look like a home I found a box of old photos! Check out these young whipper snappers that thought they were so funny!

Kidd and Heather in the Morning (and John too...) photo!

The players are Manic Matt; very happily married with beautiful daughters.

John Kulba: also happily married with 2 awesome kids.

Aaron Warner, author of the comic books "Adventures of Aaron"

Down front, our fearless leader Kid O'Shea, happily married with 3 amazing kids.

And finally, me!

We had so much fun in the mornings, it never really felt much like work. I often think of these goof balls and laugh. Oh and 3 out of 5 people who get up at 3 am wear baseball caps to work!