Articles about what not to post on Facebook have been around for a while now, but I saw two today, and what jumped out at me, was the most important item was MISSING!

These stories on what never to post of Facebook are mostly common sense, but I keep seeing one particular one, so I guess some people don't know or will believe anything.

So here goes. Never post...

1. Your driver's license. Common sense. Why would you give this private information away?

ThinkStock; CursedSenses

2. Any kind of financial information. There's enough identity theft. Don't help the crooks.

3. If you're out of town, don't tell everyone you're gone. Your friends might be honest, but what about their friends? And their friend's friends?

4. Here's one I've been seeing this past month. Facebook scams. Yes, you own your your content. But other than showing everyone you're too lazy to do a simple google search, you could be helping a hacker or a marketing ploy. After google, check here.

5. Anything at all about the boss. This could be career suicide. Remember, your prospective employers check your social media these days. This can follow you for a long time.

ThinkStock; Wavebreakmedia Ltd

6. Don't drunken pictures. Either of yourself or your friends. (See No .5 above) Quickest way to screw over a friend or yourself.

There's some others, but again, theyre common sense, which I realize is in short supply. Go easy on pictures of your kids, and your food. Too much of either is bad. But here's the one that needs to be a hard and fast unbreakable rule.

7. Keep your political opinions to yourself. Period. No exceptions. The same goes for re-posting articles from questionable sources. These days everyone has access to Photoshop and fancy computer programs to make anything look legitimate. And you can make an argument, they're all questionable sources. More reason to just stop and walk away from Facebook. And nobody gets hurt.