If you think I named him after Copper from "The Fox and the Hound", than you would be right!

I've always wanted a dog names Copper and I was surprised with this little guy Sunday afternoon.

Kaysie told me get ready we have to go quick to show me something. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I just went with it. She drove me out past Battle Creek and almost to Marshall. Finally I was like what is up, where are we going?

About a half mile from where she was going she said, "You know how I have been talking about a puppy all the time"?

Then I got it! I have always wanted a German Shepard. They are smart, cute, and loyal as can be. He was the second chunkiest out of the group if you can believe that, and he was just attached to Makynzie my step daughter. So it was an easy choice!

Kita, our Husky, was not too kicked in the head about a new puppy taking her attention. I am hoping after a week or 2 she will take the motherly roll with Copper.