Heather McGregor/TSM

The Michigan State Senate passed a bill 32 to 4 to allow dogs on restaurant patios.

You may think that they are all dog lovers and want to permit the furry baby of the family to join you for dinner but, that was not the driving force. The main reason why the bill was okay-ed was to help boost tourism in out great State.


Click on Detroit  listed a number of rules that pet owners will have to follow...

"Dogs would have to be leashed and couldn't pass through the restaurant interior or sit in chairs or on customers' laps. Patios would have to be free of dog hair. Surfaces contaminated by dog waste would have to be disinfected immediately."

Here are 2 great resturants to take your dogs too in Kalamazoo...

#1 Old Burdicts Bar and Grill

#2 Old Dog Tavern