We left off with me wanting to carve a better pumpkin than my wife Kaysie. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do it free hand, so I broke out the book of pumpkin patterns. Well I found one that I liked and went ahead and started carving it up.

The one my wife did took her about 2 hours to do. Mine took about 15 minutes. I literally did it while I was making my step daughter dinner.

It didn't turn out exactly like the picture, but pretty close. Still I didn't think it was as cool as the one she did. So I told her, "there is only one way to find out who is the winner, and that is to light them up"!

Turns out because she never made any actual holes in the pumpkin and only carved so you could see a little light through it, and made the hole in the bottom, the candle died in the pumpkin meaning I won by default!

Just goes to show, old school is better some times!