Thanks to the auto industry the Detroit News Is reporting that a projected 41,600 jobs will be added to the work force in 2017.

yuanyuan xie/tsm

The reported this morning...

"Despite huge uncertainty prompted by the bombastic promises of the President-elect, Michigan’s economy is on track for another two years of growth that will add 41,600 jobs during 2017 and 50,000 in 2018 after adding 69,000 jobs this year, according to a new University of Michigan economic forecast released Friday."

The interesting past of the report is that researchers stated...

“The darkest clouds we currently see on the horizon are potential policy errors at the federal level. As long as economic policy remains prudent, we foresee two more years of economic growth in Michigan’s future.”

Economists feel that Michigan has worked hard to create a state economy that does not strictly rely on the auto industry. With that in mind, and the hopes that the government does not manage to ignite a trade war, Michigan is going to continue grow and prosper.