The extremely cold temperatures in West Michigan have prompted concern for those who homeless in our community.

When you are curled up on a snowy night, watching the snow blow outside your window, it's easy to forget how bitter cold it is outside. reported...

"With temperatures expected to drop into the negatives, warming centers are opening their doors to help the homeless population get off the street during the cold weather."

The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission is one of a few places that people can go to escape the frigid weather.

"The Gospel said, “During the summer time people can choose to sleep outside, but when it gets colder people tend to want to come in out of the cold and from that aspect they come in out of the cold more so, when it's really cold."

Hypothermia and frost bite are both big concerns, which is why the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission is welcoming people seeking shelter due to the extreme temperatures."

Not only is the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no one will  be turned away. The mission provides warming relief, blankets and coats for those in need.

I feel so lucky to live in a city that cares for everyone.