Anna Marie/YouTube

I LOVE reality shows and one of my favorites is the "Bachelorette" because of all the craziness that happens weekly! Plus, who could truly fall in love on a TV? I know a few players did tie the knot but many did "knot" (boy, I have been hanging around Dave Benson too long). Anywho, tonight is the big night where JoJo chosses between Robby and Jordan. I personally am hoping that she picks Robby, I can't wait to see!

Oh and here is an example of why I love reality shows, while reading one of my gossip blogs I came across a clip from the Australian  version of the "Bachelor" and you will not believe this....after receiving a rose the woman proceeds to start EATING it! Super insane!

Gotta love a crazy Diva! And speaking of Diva's don't forget that you can win tickets to the Diva Deck 2016 with the Morning Mayhem!