Gummy Hills and Chocolate Mountains are waiting for you and your family.

The game 'Candyland' sells more then one million copies a year and now thanks to 15 local businesses and the the Otsego District Library you can play a life sized version of the classic game.

The History Of The Game 'Candyland' According To

"It was 1948, and Eleanor Abbott was bored. The retired schoolteacher was stuck in a San Diego hospital surrounded by young children who, like her, were hobbled by polio. The kids were lonely and sad, and Abbott, with nothing else to do, decided that a cheerful board game could be the perfect antidote. So she supposedly grabbed a piece of butcher paper and started sketching plans.

The end result was perfect for young children. No counting. No reading. Players simply needed to grasp colors and follow instructions on the cards to travel around the board, stopping at various delicious-sounding locations along the way. She shared it with the children in the polio ward, and they loved it. One year later, Milton Bradley bought the game—and it became a surprise hit: Candy Land."  reports that you play the life size version the same as the board game!

  • The game can be played from December 27th through January 21st
  • The game is housed in the library's program room
  • Children 2 years old and younger play for free
  • Families can play for $5.00
  • Guests get a candy treat once they have completed their journey

Other Cool Things Happening In 'Candyland'

  • Princess Frostine will meet you along the way
  • You will run into Gloppy the Chocolate Monster
  • Gramma Nutt awaits for you
  • King Kandy is dwelling in his kingdom

All proceeds from the game will be used for more supplies and funding for the Library.

Have fun and don't get lost in the 'Lollipop Woods'.