These creepy little bugs are everywhere and if you squash them they stink!!


I have been seeing these bugs all over the station and then read on WWMT's web-site that West Michigan is being invaded by them.

"According to the Department of Entomology with the MSU Extension, Kalamazoo County is one of the counties hit the worst with more than 100 reports of stink bugs since last year."

I have many questions about these little bugs, but my biggest one is who takes time report a bug in their house. And second, who the heck do you call about that?

But I digress. Good news is that these bugs are just looking for a warm place to snuggle up in the winter months. They don't nest, lay eggs or eat, they are simply sleeping.

Don't smash them because if you do, they let off a nasty smell. the article I read advises...

"Instead sweep them up and dispose of them into a bucket of soapy water. The soap prevents them from escaping and then you can dump them outside."

Good luck avoiding these guys, I just hope I don't take one home by mistake!

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