Today would've been my folks' 57th wedding anniversary. Yes, mom was a June bride. So I have wedding on the mind. And any gift giving situation is incredibly stressful for me. I hate picking out gifts. I always begin with the best of intentions, but fact is, all it does is stress me out.

Fortunately, we've got no wedding's on the calendar this year (so far), just a handful of graduation parties.

Keeping in mind, I'm a cheapskate, getting a wedding gift is a pain. Everything is so expensive. A while registries are helpful, what if you check in and all that's left is salt and pepper shakers? Doing a quick search came up with some interesting ideas.

Photo: ThinkStock, Wavebreakmedia Ltd

1. A wedding basket. We've done this before. A nice basket, with a bottle of wine or champagne, some appetizing food, make some crackers and a couple of wine glasses on top of a nice napkin and you've got a unique gift.

2. This may set you back a little, but what about an engraved clock?

3. I jumped on Pinterest, and they suggested a camping set. Stop laughing.

I guess the best thing I can say (more to myself than anyone) is Take the time and be patient. Yes, I hate shopping, but think it through and don't just buy the first thing you see.