Robyn Lawley is the first "plus size" model to grace the pages of SI Swimsuit Issue but...she's almost a size 10.  How on earth is a size 10 a plus size model?  I'm begininng to think that Plus Size = not insecure and without an eating disorder.

I am in NO way hating on women who are skinny.  But as I look at picture after picture of "plus size" model Robyn Lawley, I'm just confused.  She's not even "thick."  She's normal girl skinny.  Yet, she's been criticized and turned down constantly due to her "size" over the last 10 years.

Don't get me wrong, she's freaking gorgeous.  But she's not plus size.  When will this madness stop?  I do hate to jump on the "magazines make girls insecure" band wagon, but it's hard not to at this point.

Below is a short video Sports Illustrated just released.  Do you think she is plus size, skinny or in between?  Comment below.