17-year-old Portage Central student and heart transplant recipient, Spencer Powell, got the green light to go back to school after a rough recovery.

Spencer and his family joined Heather and I in studio to talk about their journey and how exciting it is that he gets to rejoin his friends back at school on Monday.

Spencer Powell is a 16 year old who was born with Congenital Heart Disease, and the doctors thought he wouldn’t make it one week after he was born.

“Just by looking at Spencer and watching him laugh and joke around and just have fun you wouldn’t know he was sick. In his doctors words “his heart isn’t keeping up with his spirit.” Which is so true, not many people let alone teens have to deal with what he does. And he does it with a smile and a positive attitude. He now says, “this is just the start of something new”. GoFundMe

After multiple open heart surgeries throughout his life, and patiently waiting, he finally got his new heart.

Now, he's ready to go back to school.  When he and his family came into the studio on Friday, he said he is most excited to be with his friends again.  His story has been truly inspirational and should be a reminder that nothing is easy but if you stay positive and keep chugging, you'll survive.