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Michigan Woman Videos A Bear Going Door To Door
Amy Crain is a resident of Oxford Michigan and decided to take some time away and go on a vacation. But while she was relaxing she discovered and videotaped something you definitely won't see in Oxford.
Help This Lost Kalamazoo Puppy Find Its Owners
Yesterday while driving along Cork Rd near Lovers Ln in Kalamazoo, Victoria Hensel discovered a puppy walking around the Harding's Family market parking lot without its' owners anywhere in site
Michigan Police Need Your Help To Get A 'Police Cat'
If you haven't been seeing 'police cats' popping up on the internet recently let me fill you in. The Troy Police Department in Michigan posted a tweet on their twitter account last week asking the twitter world for follows, saying that if they hit 10,000 followers by the end of the mo…
Non Members Of Michigan Costcos Can Shop There For Free
Costco is one of those stores I always loved shopping in but because I'm not a member, I just stick to Meijer or Walmart. But the week of 3/12, a select number of Costco stores will be allowing non- members the ability to shop in their stores for free.
Kellogg Is Being Sued For The Most Unbelievable Reason
Battle Creek company Kellogg who makes the chip brand we all love, Pringles, is being hit with a lawsuit according to The Oakland Press. Apparently, there is a couple, Barry and Mandy Allred who live in San Diego that are pressing charges
MDOT Releases Michigan Construction Map For 2018
The worst thing in the world is traveling to the other side of the state and getting caught up in the world's biggest traffic jam. Luckily for us, we now have a map that will show us when construction will start.
Police Urge St. Patrick's Day Party Goers To Make Safe Decisions
According to the NHTSA, two years ago on St. Patrick’s Day 60 people were killed in drunk driving accidents nationwide. Also that year, 39 percent of all motor vehicle crash fatalities involved intoxicated drivers and from 2012 to 2016, 269 people were killed
Detroit's International Auto Show May Warm Up Starting 2020
The North American International Auto Show is one of the biggest draws to the city of Detroit every year. But organizers of the monumental event are discussing plans to move it from its annual time frame of January to a warmer season in October