What's going on?

Michigan Burger King Apparently Played Porno In Their Store
When you walk into a Burger King the first things you encounter are the aromas, then the bright lite menu board and then you go ahead with your order. The last thing you expect to see when you first walk in is a pornographic movie scene
When Winter Ends In Kalamazoo...Construction Will Begin
The city of Kalamazoo's Department of Transportation and Consumers Energy both have invested millions of dollars for projects planned from April through October of 2018. Commuters can expect to see the most road maintenance during June, July, and August.
Grande Fight Breaks Out At Battle Creek Taco Bell
Beans, cheese, and taco meat weren' the only things flying around Friday afternoon at the Taco Bell located at 821 Capital Ave. S.W. in Battle Creek. According to local authorities what could have been a misunderstanding turned into a violent altercation in the drive-thru lane at around 4:30 P.…
Twiggy The Water Skiing Squirrel Is At The Detroit Boat Show
Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel is a legend in his own time. Performing in front of millions of people since 1979, from as many different things you can think of like the X-Games, different trade shows, making appearances in movies like Anchorman
Here Are Your Official Michigan Olympic Winter Games
Every year it seems Michigan winters like to mess with us and give us a different weather pattern than the year before. Each new winter brings new challenges for the residents of Michigan so I figured, why not make winters here official Olympic games?
English May Become The Official Language Of Michigan This Week
Lots of big things are happening in Lansing this week according to the Detroit Free Press as the Michigan House prepares to lay a vote down on House Bill 4053 which was introduced in 2017, which will make English the official language of Michigan.
The People Have Spoken And Battle Creek Wants These Restaurants
Battle Creek has apparently been lacking in the food department and residents have been pretty vocal on social media the past few days so I wanted to give them a platform to speak their minds and let us know what kind of restaurants they'd like to see come over to their side of town.
New Bill Could End No-Fault Insurance In Michigan
Republican lawmakers have introduced a new bill which would change us from a "no-fault" state to a "pure tort system" state. The end result would save everyone money monthly but may limit what is covered in terms of any injuries you have as a result of a crash.
Owl At The Kalamazoo Nature Center Is The Hottest New Meme
Near the beginning of the trails just outside the main building is a sanctuary with a red-tailed hawk and a great horned owl. Recently, it seems the Kzoo Nature Center captured a picture of another owl in the area and someone was quick with the jokes.
Michigan Puppy Luna Helps Lead Team Fluff To Puppy Bowl XIV Win
This past Sunday was a thrilling time to be a football fan. Between the Super Bowl, The halftime performance from Justin Timberlake and the always anticipated commercials, this past Sunday had it all. But it's what happened at the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl that has everyone talking.