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A Massive Change Could Be Coming To Ford Field
SuperBowl XL, Wrestlemania 23, 2011 Gold Cup, the NCAA Tournament, and the Frozen Four are just some of the major events that have already taken place at this beautiful stadium.
Michigan News Anchor Takes Hard Spill On Carnival Ride
He was doing an interview at the time and wanted to race others down the slide. Shortly after taking off, he started to pick up momentum and ended up crashing against slide multiple times, getting tons of air before crash-rolling
An Important Lesson I Learned With No Internet
Yesterday was a little bit difficult of a day at 103.3 WKFR because of the storm that rolled through Kalamazoo Sunday night, our internet service was down and out until later in the day yesterday
Better Made Chips Are Making A Big Change!
Better Made Chips, which are made in Detroit, Michigan are doing something they've never done before. For the first since 1930 when the family owned chip company was founded