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Kalamazoo Based Musician Sparks Christmas Movie Debate On Twitter
Many people know Ryan Hurd, the Kalamazoo native who moved to Nashville and became a successful country musician. He even wrote Blake Sheldon's No.1 Hit "Lonely Tonight." Ryan recently took to Twitter expressing what he feels is the greatest Christmas film of all time based on the cas…
Website Now Lets You See Which Michigan Roads Have Been Plowed
One of the most annoying things about traveling, especially in the morning after a snow, is trying to figure out if a road you normally take to work or school is covered in the "doom dust." How many times have we all made the mistake of taking a route that leads to us getting stuck or almo…
You Won’t Believe Who Got Arrested In Kalamazoo
The holiday season is always filled with stories of charity and positivity. After all, that's what the holiday spirit and season is all about. What's most shocking is when someone who seems to be good-hearted commits a crime that completely out of their character.
Michigan Girl Writes Song To Get A Snow Day From Superintendent
Today the Chippewa Valley Hawks are enjoying this winter day, not in school and it may be because of a clever and talented student. With news of a major snowstorm crushing the west side of the state, Daniella Grainger wanted to take her talents to Twitter and call out the Superintendent, urging him …
Kalamazoo Needs The New Yoplait Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Yogurt
The General Mills Company's product Yoplait has just announced three new flavors of yogurt that are completely turning my world upside down. Being a fan of yogurt as a snack the company has teamed up with the Girl Scouts of America to release the new flavors that will be shipped out this month.
Kalamazoo Central Spreading Hope With “KC Feeds Kzoo”
Kalamazoo Central High School Teacher Rex Hafer and the student "Link Crew" are teaming up to help the people of the Kzoo area with their food drive this Saturday. "KC Feeds Kzoo" is doing their part with the partnership of "Loaves & Fishes"
If You Want To End Bullying, You Must First End Racism
We've all seen it by now. The video of the little kid from Tennessee crying apparently because he was scared to go to lunch alone, filled with fear from bullies. But as the plot thickens in this tale of 48-hour fame, it's starting to look like a lot of you got taken for suckers with big he…
5 Amazing Kalamazoo Pets To Surprise The Kids With On Christmas
We all love seeing those adorable videos of Christmas morning when parents surprise their children with the big surprise, a brand new pet for them to love forever. Our friends at the SPCA of SWM have some incredible pets that can help you be parent or person of the year to your loved ones.
5 Super Cool Vintage Kalamazoo Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Online
The term "everything old is new," is starting to become more relevant nowadays, with people and companies reaching back to the years of old were things looked a little out of place. But it's that nostalgic and early draft style that's starting to attract consumers. It's no s…