This video is not suitable for kids

Amber Heard flew from London to L.A. over the weekend to finally give her deposition in her divorce case against Johnny Depp. She previously showed up to sit for questioning last week but both sides pointed fingers at each other as to why that didn’t actually happen.

Amber’s new deposition took place as a video (below) made the rounds online allegedly showing Depp during one of their heated arguments. The video was supposedly shot back in May and shows Johnny slamming cabinets, drinking wine and breaking glasses as he yells at Amber.  Johnny’s team claims the video is "heavily edited" and doesn’t show Amber instigating him.  TMZ  is reporting that the video will likely not be admissible in court because Johnny didn’t give permission.

Sources close to him claim Amber set him up.  In the original video, you can actually see her smiling and egging him on, but all that was cut out to make Johnny look like the bad guy.  Do you think she set him up?

Warning: Video contains explicit language