Hey Girls,

It's time our men know how much trouble we go through to look fabulous! This morning I shared with Will Harvey and all the clueless men out there exactly we do:)

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Here are the ten most-common things women hide when it comes to beauty. Funny thing is, guys do most of these too!

1. Plucking or shaving hair on her toes.

2. Plucking or shaving hair on her face.

3. Plucking unwanted body hair.

4. Waxing or dying the hair on her upper lip.

5. Removing calluses from her feet.

6. Wearing body-slimming underwear.

7. Plucking her eyebrows.

8. Waxing or shaving her bikini line.

9. Plucking nose hair.

10. Using cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

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