You know where my head is. Certain events lead to the inevitable. Massive blackouts, blizzards, stupid cold weather, suggestive movies, and bingo, you get a baby boom nine months later.

ThinkStock; evgenyatamanenko

So let's connect the dots. It's supposed to be very cold this weekend, so there will be many folks not wanting to venture out. But people of a certain age, if they do venture out will probably be hitting the local multiplex to see Fifty Shades on it's opening weekend. Add in it's Valentine's Day and well, all I'm saying is, be prepared.

There's always a spike in births nine months after blackouts, blizzards, what not, Nobody reads the birth announcements in the paper anymore, because, well, nobody reads the paper anymore. (And finding it on a website is an act of frustration.) But it would interesting to check around Thanksgiving this year.

Between the movie and it being Valentine's Day, it should be a good weekend for the amorous. Be prepared.