A severe weather threat, including threat for tornadoes in the mid-west on Wednesday.

According to The Weather Channel, severe weather and tornado outbreaks are not unusual in November, especially here in the mid-west.

Wednesday: The most active day with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes possible in eastern Nebraska, eastern Kansas, eastern Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. Depending on how the jet stream energy and unstable air interact, the severe weather may also impact parts of eastern Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, western Mississippi, western Tennessee and western Kentucky.

Thursday: The jet stream disturbance will blast east, but near-surface air in the Great Lakes, Appalachians, and Northeast may only be marginally warm and humid. However, thunderstorms with damaging straight-line winds are certainly possible in these areas. Details at this time are uncertain.

For specific tornado threat forecasts, check out the latest TOR:CON forecasts from severe weather expert, Dr. Greg Forbes.