I know these are mostly done for free publicity, but a restaurant in England name Mister Eaters is now serving a hamburger where one of the patties has another ENTIRE CHEESEBURGER stuffed inside it.

You start with a regular cheeseburger WITH the bun . . . surround it with more burger meat

Photo: Getty Images,Justin Sullivan

. . . then grill the whole thing. Then they stack that monstrosity plus two MORE regular burger patties on four buns, with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.   It comes to at least 10,000 calories, and they're selling it for $33 . . . although it's FREE if you finish it.



But wait! Breaking News! The Chicago White Sox have announced they are going to sell a 12 scoop Banana Split, served inside a full size batting helmet, for $17.Here's a picture.