Don't break the bank or max out the credit cards, here are some tips on how to save money for the holidays!

Most of us really love the holiday season but dread the cost of it all. Last year the American Research Group predicted...

"Shoppers around the country say they are planning to spend an average of $882 for gifts this holiday season, up from $861 last year according to the 31st annual survey on holiday spending from the American Research Group, Inc. Planned gift spending for 2015 is $23 above spending in 2007 and $25 below spending in 2006."

That's a lot of cash! So, Mlive did some digging and got some great advice from Portland Federal Credit Union.

"Finding a way to save $10 a day will give you nearly $1,000 by the end of 2016 and that makes a big difference on holiday bills. While not all can hit that mark, smaller daily savings can also lighten the spending load. With $5 per day, shoppers can have a $500 bank roll."

I found 2 web-sites that had great tips on how to save $5 to $10 a day! According to and here are some simple things to do...

  • Don't buy coffee in morning, make your own and take it to work
  • Use coupons
  • Take your lunch to work
  • Drive less, carpool or use public transportation once a week
  • Avoid ATM fees

You know if this really works, you could keep it up after the holidays and take that vacation to recoup from all that shopping!