Watching Dan Patrick this morning on TV, he made a great point. Robin Williams appealed to all ages. And looking at my social media accounts, you see this too, in the tributes to him posted.

Getty Images, Kevin Winter

When the news was breaking last night, different ages remembered Williams for different roles. Someone like me first saw him debut as Mork from Ork on Happy Days. Then he began a very successful  movie career. First with The World According to Garp and Moscow on the Hudson, and the a whole string of others. Some others remember the Comic Relief Telethons. My two sons posted totally different mentions. Michael mentioned the genie in Aladdin. David quoted from Dead Poets Society. Kids might know his as the football coach from the Snickers commercial. ("Win one for Mother Russia!").

Scrolling through IMDb, I'd forgotten a small but incredible dramatic performance as the husband of a murdered woman in "Homicide: Life on the Street".

And you can't forget the stand up I was reading last night about his kindness and generosity to fellow stand up comics.

On Facebook, my friend Howard maybe said it best for all of us.

Speechless. Stunning. When the world loses one of its funniest people - especially when he takes himself away - we're all so much poorer for it. Nothing can be said except we, his fans, hope Robin has found his long sought peace. But dammit, your work was far from finished, man.

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams. And thank you.