...And NOBODY is happy about it.

Last year Paw Paw narrowed their driving lanes.  In fact, they eliminated driving lanes and parallel parking to introduce reverse angle parking.

Completely disregarding the large amount of complaints from local customers, areas in and around Grand Rapids are planning on making the same changes.

The purpose behind the change?  Reverse angle parking with fewer driving and more narrow driving lanes equates slower traffic.  Slower traffic should result in safer streets and more local shopping.

However, if you have to post signs in front of each spot with written directions on how to park.  I'm having an issue finding the safety and/or the shopping.  Backing into the spots while the traffic is busy is surprisingly difficult.  Not to mention, there's more traffic due to the fewer lanes.  The last thing I would want to do is make the effort to park so I could stop a local business.  This plan is going to backfire in a big way.

Below is a picture of my former Nissan Cube (RIP) in Paw Paw soon after the change.

What do you think about Reverse Angle Parking?