It was 2010.... I think, and I cut out of work early!

My buddy John and I met up at Bell's Brewery, Inc. in downtown Kalamazoo on Oberon release day around 3 p.m. to avoid crowds. (In case you're not aware, Oberon release day is like a holiday in Kalamazoo!)

He was surprised that I had never had or heard of Oberon! All I remember is I was so, so hungry and wanted food before any beer. So, we first met up at Shakespeare's for a bite to eat.

I said, "They have it here why don't we just get one here?"

He said, "No, your first Oberon has to be from Bell's."

So, we went on over to Bell's and ordered one. Wow it was good! I really wasn't in to any craft beer at that time, but I remember it didn't taste like any beer I had before. So, of course, I had a few after.

Luckily, his girlfriend was kind enough to pick us up and I called into work with a "random cold."

That was the first and last time I was able to enjoy and Oberon on Oberon Day! Do you remember your first Oberon?