Former Baltimore Raven and current bad a$$ Ray Lewis has a message for rioters.

Ray Lewis always speaks with passion.  In fact, had he not been accused of murder 15 years ago, he could run for Mayor.

We all have lots of friends on Facebook posting very passionate comments about how the rioters are criminals.  I think that's obvious.  But let's not lose track of the real issues because of a small portion of Baltimore created a gang mentality and turned this whole thing upside down.

I have no doubt that 25-year-old Freddie Gray would want justice.  He would not want a group of people making bad decisions that will only serve as a huge setback for his cause.

Parents need to be parents, police need to protect ALL citizens and our leaders need to hold those accountable who don't. I feel like that's a start.

Here's one of the many copies of the video floating around YouTube of Ray Lewis sending a message to his city of Baltimore.