Friday Prince was rushed to a hospital following an emergency landing in Illinois.  What happened next surprised even me.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE Prince fan.

Dana Marshall with his Purple Prince Symbol Guitar

I was a little shaken when I got the news of the emergency landing.  It turns out Prince has been battling the flu for a couple weeks.    According to TMZ, 

the soul icon’s private plane made an unscheduled landing at Quad City International Airport in Moline, Ill., at around 1AM. Prince was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

By Saturday Evening reported,

he was treated and released three hours later, the singer's rep confirms. He is now resting at home.

How does this 57-year old Pop/Rock Icon recover from such an event?

According to, 

Prince was seen around town biking and even stopped in to The Electric Fetus to pick up a few items for Record Store Day.

That was followed by an all night Dance Party Saturday Night at Paisley Park in Minneapolis DJ'd by Purple Pam.  According to,

Prince re-unveiled his new purple piano and a gold and black guitar with quite the cool carrying case. Prince played briefly on the piano and people were wanting him to play his guitar but he wouldn't saying right now he is fully playing the piano only.

The Purple Yoda also announced a new upcoming live CD.  I guess he's feeling better.

BONUS PRINCE QUOTE: "If you wanna buy a Sam Cooke album, where would you go?  The Wrecka Stow"