Sometimes, the simplest jester makes the biggest difference.

The students at Otsego High School are not only raising awareness about cancer but raising money. Otsego Public Schools are going purple! The School is once again having "Purple Community Week", were the sports teams wear purple jerseys and raise money for the Cancer Research program at the Van Andel  Institute in Grand Rapids.

According to the schools web-site...

"This year, there are five purple games, a community night carnival, VIP seating at the Friday night football game and dress-up days that we invite the entire community to participate in to recognize different types of cancers"

This past year the school raised $48 thousand, this year the goal is $50 thousand! What an amazing mission and great success these young people in our community have achieved! Such young role models that are making a difference in so many peoples lives! Thank you Otsego Public School Students! And GOOD LUCK!!!