By any standard, 2016 has sucked. All the famous people who died; all the politicians; and now this. There's a whipped cream shortage.Seriously? Yes. Time Magazine says the world's supply of nitrous oxide is low right now. But it should be okay by early next year.

What? Nobody had a clue that Christmas was coming up, because you know Christmas only comes once a year, and this year it's on December 25th.

Actually, a plant in Florida (where else) that makes the gas exploded (you can't make this stuff up) and that's the reason behind the coming shortage. You can still buy tubs like Cool-Whip, but as anyone knows, that isn't the same thing. You can't tip your head back, open your mouth wide and put a tub of Cool-Whip in your mouth.

Reddi-Whip says stock up. I'm on my way.