This morning, I asked the KFR audience to tell us about the odd places guys try hitting on the ladies.

Where's the weirdest place you've been hit on? Let us know in the comments!

Here's what our KFR Facebook fans had to say:

Dawn Potter: Dept of Human Services
Jamie Everdeen: Grocery store. With my son and daughter- and a wedding ring on!
Kim Meiser Frank: Funeral
Tammie Droomer Wood: In the waiting room at the Secretary of State office
Dawn Littke: At work. Come on now I HAVE to be nice to you on the clock
Sheena Tackett Rains: My mom and I were parking the car at a funeral and the gentleman that was directing traffic into the parking lot started hitting on my mom.
Anne Oxender Alexandersen: McDonald's. I worked there in high school. A guy brought me roses while I was cashiering.
Angel Kirkbride: At work, I am a nurse, he was a patient....really, I've seen your chart....
Jessie L Fitzhenry: My sister got hit on by another girl at the plasma center.
Michelle Lee: Funeral
Nena McComas: Emergency room!!
Kimberly Coonfer: At KFC when I 9 months pregnant
Chelsea Lynn Barnett: Outside my old apartment complex, I would go outside with my kids to play and this group of guys would always be whistling and yelling at me from their window. And they knew I was married....pigs!
Angie Mersdorf Tarnow: I work at a hospital, a few days ago I was sitting outside for lunch and a man starts telling me I'm
A wonderful looking nurse. Goes on to tell me he hears voices and gets injections for it, tells me he's been married for 20 years but continues to ask me for my number. I had to walk away.
Carolelynn Lacey Zmyslo: I went through a Hot n Now drive thru once and the guy working the window put a note with his phone number in my burger. Ummmm..... Gross! No thanks!
Mary Aiken: While I was in a porta potty at the Calhoun county fair....
Amanda Mitchell: At work while I was working at Walmart. He barely spoke English & in his late to early 30s. I was 19, I do not speak Spanish, & had a engagement ring on my finger. He was creepy and stalker-ish. Thankfully he stopped coming to see me at work after 3 days.
Danae Bingaman: While I was dropping donations off at Goodwill, wedding ring, 8 month baby belly, 7 year old daughter and all!

Jamie Xouris: Grocery store produce aisle while I was picking out cucumbers and tomatoes...