Some people just really get off on being scared. Here's one last gasp of the 2016 Halloween season: Niles Scream Park's Black Out this Friday and Saturday.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

So what is the Black Out all about? The scream park turns out all the lights. It's just you and a glow stick. If you dare (wicked laugh).

If you've been to the Scream Park, this is a different take on the experience. What's included? The Christmas Curse, Field of Screams, Cabin 13, and, of course, the Haunted House. $25 lets you experience all four, though you can pick and choose for less.

The Black Out is Friday and Saturday, both night from 7-11pm. You can get more information at The Scream Park is on Mayflower Rd. in Niles.

Of course, if you really want scary, wait 'til Tuesday, These haunted attractions have nothing on the real election coming up.