Wednesday, January 20th was National DJ Appreciation Day.  Would you believe someone got us a gift?

Let's back this up to about 3 AM this morning.  I get a text from Will Harvey letting me know that he could not make it in today.  Little did I know I had a gift waiting for me at the radio station when I arrived.

National DJ Appreciation Day is really for the thousands of DJs that spin records at a club, wedding, high school dance...etc.  Besides, we prefer to be called "radio personalities."  It's kind of like how strippers like to be called "dancers."

However, the thought is SO appreciated.  Thank you Katie Timber from SPCA for sending us some love.

In other news, I'll be live with Tess this morning from 5:30-10 AM.  Not to mention, Katie Timber will stop in around 7:30 to make us fall in love with a little fur baby that needs a home.