A year ago today, Biggest Loser's Danni Allen co-hosted Retro Lunch with me in the 103.3 KFR studio.

I'm not saying there was a "love connection."  But Danni couldn't keep her eyes off of me after she gave me her pink Biggest Loser tank top to wear during our Retro Lunch Danceoff.


I remember the moment she won me over.  It's when she was channeling her inner Jillian Michaels.  Click play on the instagram video below to watch Danni Allen whip me into shape.


I look forward to having Danni Allen and her perfect teeth back in the KFR studio some day.  I'm not saying she has to cuddle with me and watch a Lifetime Original Movie...but I'm not saying she doesn't.

Wait...my fiance' reads my blogs.  I guess it could be a three-way cuddle?

Something tells me the answer will be no.

Scroll through a few pictures of Danni hanging out at KFR below.

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