I am a huge fan of pumpkin and craft beer, that is why I am excited for the Kalamazoo Craft Beer Festival this Saturday! Lets see if there is one of these there. 

We wanted a little treat for the adults for trick-or-treating this year, so we made the "Beer Pumpkin". Not is wasn't a pumpkin flavored beer. It was like a cooler made our of a pumpkin!

It was really easy.

  1. Find the biggest pumpkin you can find.
  2. trace circles around a beer can or bottle where you want to carve the holes.
  3. Carve the holes, and make sure it is kind of a tight fit.
  4. Purchase some dry ice to put in the middle
  5. Add the beer in the holes, put in the dry ice and add water.

Now just watch it steam and the adults say how cool it is, when really they just want a free beer!

Here are some pics of our porch and the beer pumpkin.