Amanda Bell from Saline, Michigan, calls it like she sees it. Waiting in line to return something at Kohl's, she has something to say about the other consumers and the employees, and the video rant has gone viral.

I truly believe we have all been on both sides of this fence while shopping.

  1. Wanting to make a swift return of an item.
  2. Having questions about the return policy.

Those two situations do not mix well, it is like oil and water so to speak. Waiting in line behind someone with a hundred questions can drive you nuts when you have somewhere to be. Yet, not really getting your investment out of a return can be maddening.

I think Amanda's video does a nice job of recreating the situation she was in and one we have all been in.

Kohl's recently responded to the video saying they enjoyed the video and look forward to making it up to Amanda.

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