Just what we need. It's now legal to swear or make rude gestures in front of a child, or a woman, too. The idiots win again.

ThinkStock; ScottSaav

This is part of a bill signed by Governor Snyder yesterday , repealing out of date and unenforceable laws. I understand that some of the laws need to be gone. Hosting a walk-a-thon, walking in a blackberry marsh. Ok.  But that law repealing about not swearing in front of kids really bugs me. How many times have we been at places like ballparks or even restaurants/bars and a few of the idiots have to be loud and swear and there's kids around. the whole focus of our society is about me, me, me. With the best of intentions, we have raised a society of spoiled, self-centered brats.

How about a compromise. If someone swears in front of kids, we can legally hold them down and hit them with a 2 x 4 upside the head? Simply an attitude adjustment. Really.