Michigan DNR warns residents of dumping pet fish with human-like teeth into Lake Michigan

Photo By: Michigan DNR

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources posted on Facebook saying there have been three reports of a pet fish found in Lake Michigan that do not belong there. According to Fishlore.com, the fish are called Pacus - cousins of the Piranha - with human-like teeth, used for eating seeds and nuts.

According to ratemyfishtank.com, Pacus are not aggressive, prefer to be kept with their own species and can be kept with other fish.  They are found in the lakes and rivers of SOUTH AMERICA where they are a popular source of food because they can grow up to 30 inches.  According to MDNR, the fact that the Pacus can outgrow their tanks, is the reason why Michiganders are dumping them into Lake Michigan.

So, what do you do with a fish you don't want anymore?

“Consider donating or trading it with another hobbyist, an environmental learning center, an aquarium or a zoo.  You can also check with the pet store where you purchased the fish to see if they will take it back.” - Michigan State University’s Paige Filice.