I heard about this on Late Night With Seth Meyers. A man in Livonia had his 2007 Nitro customized to be Batmobile-ish sold because he cheated on his girlfriend. How you ask? Well the car was actually in HER name and SHE was making the payments on it! So pretty much this guy was living the life with his girlfriend paying for everything. Here is the twist, she found out all the custom stuff done on the car was done, BY HIS OTHER GIRLFRIEND! This guy totally screwed up a good thing he had going. HERE is the link to the actual Craigslist Ad.

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2007 dodge nitro

condition: excellent
fuel: gas
odometer: 115000
paint color: black
size: mid-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: SUV

Tricked out Nitro, Batman style. Matte black paint job, Batman silver logos, decals. When you open the driver and passenger door, a batman logo shines down on the ground. I do have seat covers too that I did not have patience to put on. Bluetooth hooked up so you can talk hands free on the phone. Brand new radio touch screen that can play CD's, Pandora and even movies.

If you are a Batman freak, this is the Batmobile for you.

It is in my name, but I got it for my ex, who turned around and got all the extras paid for by his side chick. I need to sell this Nitro, I cannot afford to keep it, nor do I want to look at it anymore.