The City of Kalamazoo is changing the junk pickup schedule from monthly to quarterly, beginning with September pickup.

Photo: ThinkStock; Zoonar RF

In September 2016, the City of Kalamazoo will convert to quarterly bulk trash collection. Monthly pickup will continue through September, after which collections will occur in the months of March, June, September, and December each year (the final pickup of 2016 will be in December).

This change will only affect the frequency of pickup. Acceptable items and permitted quantities will remain the same. The program allows residents to place 7.5 cubic yards of bulk trash items (items that will not fit in regular household trash) for each pickup.

A list of acceptable items and additional program details are available at the city's website.

The City says the reason for the change is the expense of solid waste programs.

Also, the city says there will be a grace period will be in effect during the month of October to ease the transition. Residents who leave trash for collection will receive a notice and be allowed two days to pick up their stuff. If the items remain on the curbside after this period, the City may take enforcement action and bill the clean-up cost to the property owner.