Cowboys playoff run stopped by what they say was a bad call?  How's that feel?

Chances are VERY good that the Detroit Lions would have advanced in the playoffs last week if not for a clearly bazaar call by a ref.  In case you haven't heard.  A Dallas Cowboy defender was guilty of pass interference which would have given the Lions the ball near the 25 yard line.  A ref with a brain and working eyeballs threw the yellow flag for the infraction.  Then another ref from further away came in and picked the flag up.  Said there was NO penalty on the play.  The Cowboys got the ball, the rest is history.

Then Sunday afternoon the Cowboys were about to put the game away with an amazing Dez Bryant catch on the one yard line on a 4th down play.  A ref ruled it an incomplete pass.  Packers win!

The only difference between the two plays?  The incomplete pass last night was the correct call.  Not to sound like a bitter Lions fan...but, I am.