It happened at the Thanksgiving Day game, but it is still being talked about! A man named Lye witnessed a woman sending seemingly adulterous text messages while at the Lions game in Detroit on Thanksgiving. Lye saw her text things like "Can't wait to see you," "Miss you, I'll see you when I am Done with him." Oh, and did I mention that she looked about eight-months pregnant?

Lye also noticed that every time the man would put his arm around her, she would act suspicious and try to hide or put down her phone. So, he decided to intervene and hand the man a hand-written note telling him to look through her phone!

He posted the pic online, and it has gone viral! Some people are praising what he did, but he has had some backlash from some people, too. Was he out of line for saying something? Should he have minded his own business? What do you think?