What do you do when you're a huge Detroit Lions fan but your son is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan?

You go to the game dressing your favorite teams gear of course!  I was shocked to be surrounded by so many Eagles fans.  I'm happy to report the mixed crowd got along great.  This was our first time at Ford Field and it was amazing.  They serve Big Boy and Mt Dew?  I'm going to more Lions games for sure.  I even got two different pics of Zach and I on the jumbotron during the game.

The Lions dominated the entire game only to lose their lead in the 4th quarter.  But they pulled out a win with an interception in the final seconds of the game.  Final score Lions 24 - Eagles 23.


That was our first time at Ford Field, but it wasn't our first time seeing the Eagles play the Lions.  We were at the famous Snowbowl of 2013 as the Eagles beat the Lions in one of the craziest blizzard I've ever seen 34-20.

TSM: Dana Marshall

We also saw the Eagles take on the Colts in Indianapolis for Monday Night Football.  The Colts blew a 14 point lead and ended up losing by a field goal.

TSM: Dana Marshall