That's how the newly vandalized billboard now reads on Stadium Drive.

No one knows for sure who is responsible for the vandalism.  What we know for sure is the mixed reaction the painted on billboard is receiving.

The Kalamazoo GOP facebook blames "the left" in this post.


The argument on facebook includes many comments we cannot share in their entirety due to language.  One person will comment, "Wants to ban an entire religion, gets mad about some graffiti and claims intolerance."  That will be followed by "Move to Canada."

We are at such a close minded time in American history that simply typing the word "Trump" in a story on this website will get complaints from both Republicans and Democrats regardless of the subject matter.

Let's be clear.  It is not right to vandalize property or ban religions in the United States of America.  In fact, it is illegal to do both.  This statement is NOT a political one.  It is a fact that can easily be researched.

For those of you about to send in your complaint emails, take a deep breath and realize that the health and peace of this Nation which includes Kalamazoo depend on all of us.  Every single Christian, Muslim, Black, White, Brown, Straight and Gay human being is already a part of what makes Kalamazoo great.

The vandalized billboard is not the problem, but a symptom of a cancer spreading through our community.  Let's not forget, we live in a free nation.  Whether we get along and act like grown ups to do what's right is our choice as individuals.  We cannot count on our leaders nor should we, to make those choices.

So, what's your choice?

For what it's choice is to do my best to treat every Republican and Democrat with respect, every Christian and Muslim with love...and so on.  If we're not doing that, what do we have worth fighting for?

~Dana Marshall



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