There are some stores that are mainly in big cities, that people in smaller areas like this wish we could have. Some are no big deal, but some are worth it. We went to Whole Foods. It was ok. But me, personally, I'm okay with just going to the grocery store.

But just a few hundred yards from Woodfield Mall in suburban Chicago (we stopped there last week while on vacation) is The Container Store.

A whole store with nothing but containers. Of all kinds. Seriously.

Photo: Dave Benson

All sorts of containers. Things you didn't even realize were containers. There were fancy closets. There were Tupperware-like things for food. There were toothbrush organizer.

If you know someone who's a little anal about being organized, this is nirvana for them.

I found an interesting office chair there, and I'll blog about it tomorrow. Stay tuned. Or logged in.