This morning Krista and I got a Facebook post from a listener who was pretty upset about some mail she got because she DIDN'T vote! Take a second a read what she wrote!

Hatcher and Harvey,

I do not get upset when others do not vote. It is their choice. However, some people are apparently upset because I did not vote in the last election (the August primary). I've attached an image of the postcard I received from "Michigan Voter Project". As you can see from the photo, Michigan Voter Project mentions how they are tracking the fact that I did not vote in the August primary, and do not want me to continue this "bad habit".

For your reference, the reason I did not vote in the August primary was because in my husband, who is in the Air Force, was stationed down in Mississippi, where we ended up living for 6 months. We bought a house up in here in Michigan so we had a place to come back to, but because we were in between localities (we were still in Mississippi during the primary) I was not comfortable voting in an election that I wasn't following back in Michigan.

It is also important to note that my husband did not receive this postcard, although we missed the same election. I am also copying a link to a thread that occurred on FB when I posted a photo of the postcard. In the thread, three other women I know who did not vote in the August primary (2 of whom are married) received even more invasive letters, listing addresses and voting information of their neighbors in an attempt to shame them into voting this election. Their husbands who missed the same election did not receive any such mailing.

Sam's letter

Has anyone else see these before? Should she be receiving these in the mail?