After reading this report you will double check to make sure your doors are locked at night!

Mlive reported that ...

"The FBI Uniform Crime Report contains crime data for 2015 submitted by agencies across the United States."

This report is done every year and it is scary to read especially because Kalamazoo ranked in the top 10. Oh, and Battle Creek also made the list as well.

The "violent crime rate" includes crimes such as murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Here we go.....

#10 Grand Rapids

#9 Battle Creek

#8 East Pointe

#7 Kalamazoo

#6 Lansing

#5 Pontiac

#4 Jackson

#3 Saginaw

#2 Flint

Drum-roll please...

The city with the highest violent crime rate is....

#1 Detroit

Yea, surprise the motor city is number one, but here is something interesting. Detroit is #1 in Michigan, and #2 in the nation.

This is a report we should not take pride in but need to know so we can improve our communities!

Oh and remember lock your doors!