During the first part of November,  our parent company, Townsquare Media began an initiative to help out local military families; both the people serving abroad, but also family back home, who are also affected by the sacrifice.

Photo: Robert Guy, Townsquare Media. Used by permission.

Our first recipients are Molly, Terrence and baby daughter Hadley Weiant of Schoolcraft. Mom Molly, who is also a veteran, came home to have Hadley. Husband Terrance is serving in Korea.

The idea behind “Townsquare Cares” was simple: thank families of active duty military personnel for their service this holiday season.

The decision-making process was not so simple as we received some heartbreaking stories of families separated by the miles this Christmas. Thank you so much to all who took the time to nominate servicemen and women for the $500 award.

Our chosen recipient, Molly met her husband-to-be Terrance at the recruitment station as they were both enlisting. The two corresponded during basic training as they ended up at different bases. Weekend flights to spend time together led to nuptials in December and beautiful baby Hadley.

Molly hopes to use the money to help move to Fort Hood before Terrance returns stateside as the three have yet to live together as a family.