It's a Taste of the Caribbean at Kalamazoo Island Fest this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

David De Lossy

Enjoy the “Taste of the Caribbean” with fifteen restaurants, shop Little Jamaica’s Island Vendors, refresh with Red Stripe and dance to more than 30 hours of Reggae Music.

The Grills fire up at eleven each day and the party doesn’t stop until two in the morning.


Thursday Night Entertainment


6:00pm ­ 8:00pm Jewell & Future

8:30pm­ 10:00pm Gizzae

10:30pm ­ 12:00am Anthem

Friday Night Entertainment

DJ Assane

2:00pm ­ 5:30pm Reggae Lou

6:00pm ­ 7:30pm Roots Vibration

8:00pm ­ 9:30pm Karl “Kofi” James

10:00pm ­11:30pm Anthem

12:00am ­1:30am Ark Band

Saturday Night Entertainment

DJ MixologySound

12:00pm ­ 1:30pm Gyspi Fari

2:00pm ­ 3:30pm Rhythm Life Collective

4:00pm ­ 5:30pm Gyspi Fari

6:00pm ­ 7:30pm Universal Xpression

8:00pm ­ 9:30pm Flex Crew

10:00pm ­ 11:30pm Warrior King

12:00am ­ 1:30pm Zion Lion


All fun, no worries.