Whether you're enjoying the falling leaves or raking them in the Kalamazoo area, the weather will be perfect this weekend.  How much longer can we expect these conditions?


Weather.com tells us til will be Sunny with a high of 64 Saturday and Sunny with a high of 66 on Sunday.  That's 10 degrees above average for this time of year in Kalamazoo.

You'll find me raking leaves, mowing my yard, cleaning out my gutters and cleaning my hot tub this weekend.  I've lived in Michigan long enough to know what's coming!

Sure, the forecast shows unseasonably warm temps all the way to November 18th.  But I'm not buying it.

Here's what weather.com predicts for the next 2 weeks.


Date                           Conditions           High/Low

Friday, Nov 4th             Sunny                  57° 44°
Saturday, Nov 5th        Mostly Sunny       64° 43°
Sunday, Nov 6th          Sunny                  66° 45°
Monday, Nov 7th         Sunny                  65° 46°
Tuesday, Nov 8th        Partly Cloudy       63° 41°
Wednesday, Nov 9th   Mostly Sunny      60° 45°
Thursday, Nov 10th     Sunny                  62° 48°
Friday, Nov 11th          Partly Cloudy      55° 43°
Saturday, Nov 12th      Partly Cloudy      54° 40°
Sunday, Nov 13th        Sunny                 57° 46°
Monday, Nov 14th        Partly Cloudy     55° 43°
Tuesday, Nov 15th       Partly Cloudy     53° 40°
Wednesday, Nov 16th Partly Cloudy      52° 41°
Thursday, Nov 17th     Partly Cloudy      51° 39°
Friday, Nov 18th AM    Showers             49° 38°